Saturday, 31 December 2011


Further to my 1947-squee, I just found a wartime photo of Peter Graves and James Arness (i.e. Peter and James Aurness) together in uniform, so this seems a good time to post the few photos I have of them together. I'm intrigued by James Arness. I don't find him attractive, but Wikipedia makes him sound pretty interesting, especially his wartime service record. They're putting Gunsmoke on tv here pretty soon, so I might watch that and see what my brain does to me...

Anyhow, on to the photos. (please slap me if this blog starts to seem stalkery - I'm not stalkery, just mildly obsessive.) [EDIT: I just found a few more photos in James Arness's autobiography. I want to read this book. It looks interesting! Oh god, I am a stalker... (edit again - and so, I bought the Kindle edition. Damn.]

This is as early as they get, when Peter's mother was probably pregnant. Aside from anything else, this is just a beautiful photo. I love photos of this era. Her clothes, her hair, the graceful curve of her arm (reminds me a little of Modigliani paintings), and she is just so beautiful. Sigh...

This one is quite squeesome. Little Peter and his aeroplane are exceptionally cute.

Young Peter and James. I'm not so stalkery that I find teenage boys in swimming trunks attractive, but it is interesting.
Wartime photo, apparently of autumn 1944, while James is recovering from his foot injury. And now Peter is old enough that I can find him attractive. Hot damn... And that's not a phrase I've used before. I also love this because this is just how he would look playing the character of Ed in the book I've just written.

Peter directing Gunsmoke. He was about to be contracted to direct more when he was called up for the IMF. How I would love to see the episode with director's commentary!

Peter, James - and I'm assuming this is their dad. Aww :-)
This blog has some stuff on what may or may not have been their childhood home - the comments are more illuminating than the article!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


There is no reason for this post other than as a great digital squeal because I found this picture above of Peter Graves performing in 'The Wild Duck' as part of his degree at the University of Minnesota in 1947. That's it. I am excited by early Peter Graves. What can I say?

This photo may be earlier, from here, as it's supposed to be during his WWII service, but it's so tiny that it's impossible to tell. I suspect, actually, it's not Peter Graves at all. I can't remember what led me to suspect that, but something did.

Saturday, 10 December 2011