Sunday, 15 July 2012

Young Peter

I have finally become one of those silly people who bid for things on ebay that they don't need. I am rather gutted that due to a stressful evening I missed out on some clippings of Peter Graves with his baby (I really wanted to see them :-() but I did get a little three page article from a TV guide with pictures from his and James Arness's childhood. So here they are, the article and the extracted photos.

'On the stage, it was the Booths and the Barrymores; in the movies, Olivia de Havilland and her sister Joan Fontaine. Television's first family is undoubtedly James Arness of Gunsmoke and his brother, Peter Graves of Mission: Impossible. Here are some snapshots from their family album. Above, 5-year-old Jim and a 2-year-old Pete with their paternal grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Peter Aurness. For more pictures, turn the page.'

'During the summer of 1928, the Aurness family went to Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, where Jim and Pete had their picture taken on the beach (center). Usually, though, their parents rented a cottage on an island in Ox Lake, 130 miles north of their Minneapolis home, where 12-year-old Pete practiced with his .22 rifle (far left). The dock at Ox Lake was taken away by the ice every winter and had to be collected and reassembled. Here (bottom, far left) 16 year old Jim, already tall, stands at the center of the dock with 13-year-old Pete, their dog Lucky and their cousin Patsy.'

 'By the following summer, Pete had done some growing too (bottom, this page). In later 1944, Pete enlisted in the Army Air Corps and Jim was home on leave after being wounded at Anzio. Here (left, above) they tower over their proud mother.'

Just to keep them all in the same place, here are some of the other pictures I have found of young Peter in the past.

James Aurness age 2, and his mother Ruth Aurness, possibly pregnant with Peter.
James Aurness, Peter Aurness and family. 1936.

Supposedly Peter performing in Dreamplay in 1948 at the University of Minnesota 

Apparently this is Peter performing in The Wild Duck in 1947-8 at the University of Minnesota.

Peter Graves and James Arness.


  1. Having a Teary-eyed Over Peter Day (weekend, actually) and this page just sent me over the edge. *sob*

    1. Oh dear, I've been feeling a bit like that recently, too.