Saturday, 29 June 2013

Peter Graves and Joan Graves

I'm starting to get a bit lost as to what I might have posted here and what I haven't. But I know I haven't posted this because I found it yesterday on Pinterest and I've never seen it before...

Peter Graves and his wife, Joan, I'm guessing from some time in the 50s, from that lovely hair he has. Dear god... that rather long, slightly curled look. The loose overcoat over the smart suit. Not to mention Joan looks pretty amazing in that fur with those gloves, and those enormous eyes. To come back to Peter, he has a kind of look that's begging for someone to peel those clothes off and run fingers through that hair, perhaps after a winter rainstorm and next to an open log fire. He'd probably have a Scotch on the hearth and the heat of the fire would start to evaporate the last remnants of the rainstorm from his skin.

Enough. Sorry. Here are some other photos of Peter Graves and his wife that I've found in the past. A couple I've uploaded before, but a lot I haven't. I'd like to put them in date order, but no, much as I like the slightly obsessive idea of doing that, I'm not spending hours dragging pictures around...

This is one I've uploaded before. Peter Graves, wife, two daughters, and a very brave shirt.

Peter Graves and Joan at an industry dinner in LA.

Peter Graves and Joan at an industry dinner in LA.

Peter Graves, Joan, and children. And a rather yummy jumper this time.

10th Annual Ojai-Ventura International Film Festival (2009), Peter Graves and wife Joan Endress

Peter Graves, wife, daughter, by Nate Cutler, 1972

Peter Graves and Joan by Nate Cutler
Peter Graves and Joan, by Nate Cutler.

1966 Peter and Joan in a 1966 dinner dance for the Deb Stars, which was held at the Hollywood Palladium .

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president Leron Gubler officiates as Peter and Joan Graves unveil Peter's star on the Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Peter and Joan at home in - the 80s? 90s?


  1. Joan Graves has a fabulous figure and great taste in clothes. I love these!

  2. Great photos! I was around 13 when I fell in love with PG...and stayed in love. I'm 71 now, and I miss him. He grew old a lot more gracefully than I did...!

    1. Thank you :-) I'm glad there are people out there who love him too.