Friday, 30 September 2011

Sighing Laments

Seeing as this is a forum for venting fannish angst, I thought I could vent about the gorgeousness and beauty of Peter Graves, and the fact that I know no one who shares my appreciation of him. I have a friend who is reminded by him of Captain Kirk. I have a husband who admires Peter Graves as an actor but understandably doesn't harbour a burning desire for him. I have a sister who doesn't even know who Peter Graves is. In that case I'll vent to the empty sounding board of the internet.

Fort Yuma (1955)

In case you don't know who Peter Graves is, let me encapsulate him. Long, lean legs, taut thighs. Strong arms, broad shoulders. Hair that ranged from gold to silver through his life. Eyes so blue you could fall into them and float forever. The kind of man who would walk into a room and make you go weak at the knees. The unattainably perfect man that you could never aspire to. Left-handed, clarinet playing, with the kind of voice you would follow blindly into hell.

The Naked Street (1955), I believe

Nope. I can't do it. SpockJones does it so much better here -

I'll just leave you with a few more images...(I'd like to add in some Whiplash - the best series ever - and some more Mission: Impossible, but I'm on the wrong computer...)

Bayou (1957)

Directing Gunsmoke

Wolf Larsen (1958)

Mission: Impossible, I believe

Fort Defiance (1951)

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