Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Well, I am a happy bunny. I've been enjoying internet versions of Whiplash since the only copy of it I could find on the internet was an £120 one on amazon. But having badgered Network DVD, who release it, it's appeared on their website and I have run out and bought it! My non-existent readers can expect screenshots and joy at some point in the future when the postman brings it to me. The link to Whiplash on their site is here

Slightly disappointingly, Network DVD say of Court Martial 'We're afraid that Court Martial isn't on the schedule at the moment but do keep an eye out on the website.' So, back to scouring the web for that one...

For now, have a blurry shot from an avi...

Whiplash, sexy Victorian headwear, and Peter Graves

I'm on the wrong computer to be certain which episode this shot is from, but I'm pretty certain it's 'The Other Side Of The Swan', which contains joyous Victorian clothing, poor Christopher Cobb getting bashed over the head and, later in the episode, kidnapped and drugged, and an exciting rooftop fight to finish with!

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