Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fashion spasm! Mission: Impossible - Time Bomb

In order to trick an eastern European officer into showing them how to defuse his bomb, the IMF - well - they kinda lost me early on, to be honest. I was too distracted by Jim's disguise...

He starts off casual, even choosing to carry his jacket over his shoulder for the dead drop...

Every one looks pretty sharp at the briefing, too -
Barney looks extra-sharp, Jim looks refined...

...Wai Lee (Barbara Luna) looks great, Willy's looking hot...
...and Paris looks ... Ahem. No, I'm sorry, Paris. This is not a good look.

And then we arrive in the Eastern European country (cue a very high count, even for Mission: Impossible, of amusing 'Eastern European' words such as 'detür', 'Stat Matenz', and 'maihn powar'). Jim stays slick for a short time, like this - 
Always looking good in uniform...
But then Paris does this to him - 
I can't help but think that when he tells Paris how well he's done, he must be dying a little inside...
And then we get - 
...a lot of this...

...and this, and the hideous stained glass window...

...all distracting them from Barney-in-a-box.

There's a brief flicker of joy with Paris in some uniforms. Nimoy can pull off uniforms far too well.

And finally Jim gets to peel of that beard and look more like a cool lecturer than like Matthew Kelly
(this is Matthew Kelly - if you're not British you probably won't truly understand.)

[EDIT: I have to interject here with a snippet from the Mission: Impossible dossier - 'Peter begged us not to use him as the artist,' says Stan Kallis. According to Graves, 'that was one of those mistakes that you want to forget about. He could have been a wild character without that red beard and wig.' White, Patrick J. The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier. (London: Boxtree, 1996), p. 253.]

And then all we are left with is, mmm, Jim in corduroy :-)



  1. Please, please review "Nicole", please. Please?

    1. Ooh, I like a challenge! I'll do my best. Jim is so pretty in that episode, and Rollin is wonderful.

  2. Hahahaha, that was hilarious... "Barney-in-a-box". I usually don't comment on blogs, but this was fun.

    1. Thank you! It's rare to get comments at the best of times so I doubly appreciate yours!

  3. Ha! This was wonderful, thanks! I felt like I was looking at myself when reading this, we ALWAYS call him "Barney-in-a-Box" it's one of my favorite M:I ploys. :D And Jim's outfit in this episode, just... WOW.