Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Time for Pictures

Oh, sigh... Let's have a little picspam... I'd caption them, but everything I know is probably/possibly in the file names :-)

29th Annual Golden Globe Awards, 1972
29th Annual Golden Globe Awards, 1972

Older Peter

Being kissed by a whale (of course!)

Court Martial

Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef

At home in Pacific Palisades

A young Peter with brother James Arness

Publicity shot from Fury

In Fort Defiance

In Pacific Palisades, April 2008

Peter and wife Joan.

Young Peter from his Biography episode.

Texas Across the River, 1966

Lobby card for Wolf Larsen


  1. Look at the muscles on Peter in his white shorts standing next to Terry Moore and Robert Wagner. The movie is "Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef". He makes Wagner look puny.