Saturday, 2 June 2012

Mission: Impossible S5E23 - The Merchant

Well, is it June already? I'm sorry. I've been caught up on Route 66, but that doesn't mean I don't still love Peter Graves :-)

Here are some screencaps from Mission: Impossible, Season 5, Episode 23: The Merchant, picked mostly because they show Jim looking pretty/under duress. That's it. That's the sole purpose for this post. There isn't even any out-there Jim-fashion - just Dana in a headscarf.

Jim. He does concentration so well.

Concentration and plotting.

Forming dastardly plans....

All in the time it takes the tape to roll and enter self-destruct mode.

Daring-Jim can climb out of windows at the drop of a hat...

...and look damn fine in the process.

And he can arrange to be caught by a man with a rottweiler, and make the man with the dog think it was all his cleverness. 

Dana and her headscarf. Barney looks like he's serenading her, but he's actually showing off his wonderful computer.

Paris knows he looks fine in his ruffled shirt.

Aww, he looks little with the lights on him.

Chastened, under-interrogation-Jim.

And we've got to have a picture of Willy (and George Sanders, who will commit suicide in a year's time.)

Jim is stoical, though, giving nothing away.

Stoical and pretty.

Stoical and pretty and superior.

And that's when Armand Anderssarian walks in. What a name!

Jim has a fake scar. Plus I love his face here.

And here.

And here.

And especially here, when he's smiling.

It's Red Cross Jim!

And putting-one-over-on-the-bad-guys-Jim.

He's a dab hand with remote controls. This one may not even be real.

Exit, stage left, victorious.


  1. so rarely see him smile on the show, thnx 4 that pic :)