Saturday, 23 February 2013

Route 66: Hell is Empty, All the Devils are Here

I've uploaded a post on my Route 66 blog, Sixty-Six Kicks, about the Peter Graves Route 66 episode, Hell is Empty, All the Devils are Here. I would upload it in tandem here, but honestly, uploading pictures - especially 180 screencaps - is hell on blogspot. The site never uploads them in order, and it takes forever. So I'm linking to my other blog, for anyone who wants to go and look at a slew of screencaps of Peter Graves looking pretty and troubled in black and white. For those who aren't familiar with Route 66, it's a wonderful early 60s show, very literate, with gorgeous writing.

Here are a few choice caps from those 180 (of course, they are not in order, because of the problems I mentioned, and it's too late at night to go and put them in order now), but do go and look at the others, too, on my other blog. There's even a pretty tiger thrown in, and camels, and commentary on the pictures, too!

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