Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A Little Picspam

I had a shock with my computer recently. It died. I hadn't backed up (stupidly) since last October, and the hard drive was destroyed. I have lost, among other things, my copies of The Underground Man, an episode of Fantasy Island, Cimarron City (I broke and have ordered that on dvd, because it was so beautiful and I discovered it was available!), Spree (or Survival Run - take your pick), and Robber's Roost in English. Damn.  That's not to mention various personal photos, and everything I've found on the net in all that time. So having recovered what I can from Tumblr and the PG Facebook group and so on, I'm going to dump a load of pictures here. Just to make me feel better. The captions are basically in the file names.

Donations of lost Peter Graves programmes and films will be greatly appreciated ;-)

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