Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Most Lovely Photo

No long post for this. No detailed analysis or anything. Just I came across the most lovely photo a while back. I can't remember the exact source or context, I'm sorry, except that it was on facebook.

I mean, look. Just look. I have this as my laptop wallpaper since my laptop was lobotomised and I lost my old wallpaper, which is below. (I don't know why the contrast looks so weird. The site's being odd.) I liked my old wallpaper. I liked it a lot. But I felt like a new start, and then this one came up on facebook. Amazingly it blows up pretty well onto a whatever-inch screen. 17? And look. I mean, look. Those hands. Look at those hands, the size of them, the tendons stretching out to his strong fingers. (Imagine those fingers playing up and down a clarinet with careful, careless joy.) The watch just poking out from under his shirt cuff. And look at how happy Barbara Bain is to be snuggling up to him. I mean, she's just clinging onto him, like, 'I'm never going to let go.' Look at all the sunny happiness. I bet that jacket's snuggly, too. And see his hair. Not that I'd want him dark-haired, but it's unusual. It's a talking point. You wonder if he's a bit embarrassed about it. And it gives his eyes an edge. Not a better edge, but a different one. And he looks happy, but there's an obvious split there. Bain is the one who's got something really special in her arms. She's reaching up to the gods. She really wants to be there. I'm sure Martin Landau was a marvellous thing to come home to at night, but this is special.

All in all, it's a good picture, and this is why it's currently set as my wallpaper. My desktop is a happy place.

(Really, the state of the photo below is an embarrassment. As soon as I can convince the site to upload it properly, I shall. I've tried three times so far.)

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