Thursday, 25 December 2014

Peter Graves and the Whales

I have no idea what was going on here, except that this was some kind of whale-based excursion of Peter Graves with Marineland of the Pacific, on the ship Geronimo out of Los Angeles, in 1971. Whatever it is, it gives us a chance to see lots of rugged sea-based pictures with Peter Graves. I'd love to find out what this was all about.

Caption reads: 'Captured whale turns out to be 7-year-old male measuring 14 feet in length and weighing approximately 1,500 pounds.'

Caption reads: 'Peter Graves, Actor of Mission Impossible, sets tagged whale free.'

Caption reads: 'After whale is spotted, Graves stands in special rig (left) with net in hand to assist in capture. It's a sort of seagoing lasso, which snares whale without injuring it.'

Caption reads: 'In "Mission: Impossible" style, Graves looks like he's walking the plank, but he's perched on boom which gives free scope for net casts.'

Caption reads: 'Before whale is cut loose, Graves plunges into water to make sure tag is securely fastened. If captured again, comparative data will help experts determine whale's migratory pattern and growth rate.' And aren't we glad of that?

Caption reads: 'Peter Graves with Blue Shark on the Marineland of the Pacific's Catching Ship the Geronimo.'

Bonus! August 1975, Peter Graves,with Shamu the killer whale, at Sea World in California.

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