Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mission: Impossible S2E23 - The Phoenix

No clever agenda here. Just a random selection of screenshots of Jim and Rollin looking pretty, half of them with the approval of my insomniac seven-year-old. It's fun watching Mission: Impossible with an insomniac seven-year-old after midnight. (Warning. These screenshots are here mostly for vicarious female pleasure. Lots of objectifying of male beauty.)

Jim looks prettily through a window as he looks for the dead drop...

Jim looks pretty while he selects his team.

Jim still looks pretty as he examines the hole in a pane of glass. Cinnamon has just demonstrated how her remote control explosive works to make it look like a bullet has been shot through the glass. Cinnamon is looking a mess this morning, I think. Bad, bad hair.

On another note, I can't remember who it was who decided that the team should always be in shades of grey during the briefing, but it was an excellent, excellent choice.

Rollin, I have to say, looks hot - extra hot - in his lone sniper garb. He's following the same rule as he followed in The Town - the greeny-brown and the red that bring out his eyes and his flesh tones. I would take Rollin as a disgruntled Eastern European peasant any day, especially if he promised to wear the cap.

We even get the bonus of a van-full of Jim and Barney while Willy starts a minor striptease. Unfortunately we don't get to see more than a glimpse of his vest (undershirt(?) for you Americans.) I find Willy unusually alluring in those glasses. He's a bit too muscular for me, but with the glasses on he gets a strong-geek look to him.

See how pretty Rollin looks - although angry or sullen in this shot. There's something about the way that his jumper makes a straight line across his neck that's extra sexy. Who the hell dressed him for this part, and did she spontaneously combust when she looked at him all dressed up?

Yet more of Rollin looking sexy. I have to apologise for the high Rollin-count in this picspam. It was the perfect toning of his clothes that drew me in.

Jim, you can see, looks sexy at the other end of the spectrum. Suave detective-guy against Rollin-peasant. Barney and Willy are looking pretty damn hot, too. Sorry for people who want to see Cinnamon, but she's just not as pretty in this episode. If she'd been wearing an incredible feather skullcap like she did in Charity I'd have been sure to have screencapped it.

Worried, pensive Rollin. See how sometimes his eyes look bluish, sometimes they look green? He has magic eyes.

Superior Jim. Still looks a little blond at the front of his hair. At least I hope that's blond, not nicotine. He always seemed impeccably nicotine-free for such a heavy smoker. Peter Graves has taught me that although smoking is disgusting, it can also sometimes be damn, damn sexy.

Just a bit more Rollin for good measure, and Jim's hands too, I think.

Oh my God, Jim, you shouldn't be allowed to wear sexy coats like that. And has anyone noticed how the dodgy minister on the right, Stefan Prohosh, looks like a Michael Palin character?

A little more hot-Rollin with some long-coated Jim in the background. Knee-length? Thigh-length? It's a long coat, anyway, and I like it.

A little Jim-Rollin S and M for good measure.

Willy and Barney have temporarily become ninjas. I like this. It's clever. They're wearing black so that no one can see them against the black backdrop if anyone comes into the room, while they try to locate and extract a rare alloy from a metal sculpture. I pity the poor props person who constructed this huge metal thing only to have it hacked apart, and then blown up. I have to say, though, that Barney's clever device to tell them if someone's coming was predictably fallible. You put a sensor in a cigarette bin that's full of cigarette butts? Of course some lovely Eastern European cleaning lady is going to come and empty it.

Things are getting hot. Jim's stripping off. And he has a gun pushed into the waistband of his trousers, 'Just in case there's a bit of gun trouble,' my seven-year-old says. Usually things like this just seem silly, but on Jim - oh my.

I just like this. It's nice, artistically. I think it's Willy behind those goggles, not Barney.

A bit more of a Jim-Rollin scuffle. He's just slapped Cinnamon. I wonder if, as a nice guy, it was fun for Peter Graves to be able to act out nastiness like this? (Cinnamon's been down in the basement, leading the security men on a fun trail.)

About to slap Cinnamon again. My, look at that back. Gives me the urge to watch the psuedo-sex-hurricane scene in Bayou again...

Just a little Jim-profile. He's sweaty, because Cinnamon broke the thermostat in the basement. All part of the cunning ruse.

Now, this reminds me of that portrait shot of Peter Graves in front of a bookcase. You know the one.

This one.
And this one. I'm sure I have a fuller version of this, but if I have, I can't find it.


Yet more Rollin in his sexy clothes. Perhaps I was overdoing it, but I wouldn't say that if it were Jim.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for watching Peter Graves being left-handed. Why's it so damn sexy?

I'm not sure why I took this. I think just because Jim looks hot in his suit.

Jim indulges in a little made-up nostalgia with the Chairman.

The Chairman is played by Charles H. Radilak, who played Peter Graves' character's father-in-law in the Route 66 episode Hell Is Empty, All The Devils Are Here.

Jim covertly sets off the explosion that he'll blame on Stefan Prohosh. How innocent he looks. It would have been nice to have got shots of him leaping from the blast with the Chairman, but they were just too blurry.

After the blast.

Blaming the explosion on Prohosh, who they cunningly lured away just before the blast. Plus Jim looks broad and handsome and things.

More blame, more handsome-Jim.

Smoke, red background, sexiness.

And Jim slips away while all the fuss is going on behind him. Slick.

Good thing it's not an hour-long parking place, as the insomniac 7-yr-old says. Otherwise they'd have to do their mission in an hour.