Monday, 28 January 2013

Photos from Whiplash

It looks like Network DVD have stopped offering Whiplash on DVD again, which is a crying shame. At least, it doesn't turn up in searches of the site. It's well worth watching for Peter Graves in sexy nineteenth century clothing, getting wet, getting half naked, doing manly things, being cute with animals, being amusing, and generally making me swoon left, right, and centre.

What a manly specimen. That lace in his top is begging to be loosened.

Shirley Broadway in 'Flood Tide.'

I think this is from 'Flood Tide' too.

This may be 'Flood Tide' again.

Shirley Broadway and Barry Linehan in 'Flood Tide.'

Ass... That's all I'm saying.

I quite like the manly grimace.

Barry Linehan in 'Flood Tide.'

I like the way he handles his coach :-)

With Anthony Wickert, who's a great sidekick, and only appeared in one other programme after Whiplash.

With Anthony Wickert again.

Welcome to Australia, Mr Graves :-)

From behind the cameras. Doesn't he look young here?

I think this is 'Act of Courage,' with Brett Hart.

There's that grimace again.

A behind the scenes moment.

Filming crew. And there's Peter Graves with his hat on and a jacket over his top. Chilly?

Some blurry cave-standing. It's a shame so many of these are blurry.

I love the little parasol over the camera.

I wonder how much standing around and waiting there was?

I'd love to see more colour photos.

A little whip action - and look at that thigh!

I love this one :-) If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, what's two birds in Peter Graves' hands worth?

That hat... Swoon. This is probably from 'The Other Side of the Swan.'

This hat's pretty damn fine too.

With Anthony Wickert again. It seems that sitting up on a stage coach is just an excuse for showing off those thighs.

A bit more whip action.

Cute photo no. 1.

Cute photo no. 2.

Cute photo no. 3.

This is probably from 'Episode in Bathurst,' which is a corking episode, written by Gene Roddenberry.

More thighs. Yum.

You really get the feeling in this series that Peter Graves is enjoying the horses.

Such pretty horses they are, too.


A flash-forward to the present.

And again.

Do you ever get the feeling there's someone behind you?

This picture just makes me melt.

A little horse action.

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